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Build Bookend

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creates setup and teardown steps for builds


npm install screwdriver-build-bookend

Using the bookend interface

Extend the bookend interface in this module. You will need to define getSetupCommand and getTeardownCommand to return the commands needed to execute and return these in a promise.

const { BookendInterface } = require('screwdriver-build-bookend');

class MyBookend extends BookendInterface {
    getSetupCommand() {
        return Promise.resolve('echo "hello world"');
    getTeardownCommand() {
        return Promise.resolve('echo "goodbye world"');

module.exports = MyBookend;

Getting final bookend commands

Use the Bookend module to combine a set of BookendInterface based modules into single set of setup and teardown commands. See more examples in the tests.

const SampleBookend = require('sd-sample-bookend');
const { Bookend } = require('screwdriver-build-bookend');
const b = new Bookend(
    // Provide a set of default instantiated plugins
    { 'sample': new SampleBookend() },
        Provide a list of plugins to use for setup, by name or with a config object
        You can also choose to include your own modules with a config, these will be initialized for you with the given config.
        The following config will use the default sample plugin, then the users my-bookend plugin
    [ 'sample', { name: 'my-bookend', config: { foo: 'bar' } }],
    // Provide a list of plugins for teardown. format is the same as setup
    [ 'sample', { name: 'my-bookend', config: { foo: 'bar' } }],
    // You can specify an alias for bookends
    [ 'sample', { name: 'my-bookend-module-with-long-name', alias: 'my-bookend', config: { foo: 'bar' } }]

// Get the setup commands [ { name: 'setup-sample', command: '...' }, { name: 'setup-my-bookend', command: '...' } ] given the models and configuration for the pipeline, job, and build
b.getSetupCommands({ pipeline, job, build }).then((commands) => { ... });

// Get the teardown command [ { name: 'teardown-sample', command: '...' }, { name: 'teardown-my-bookend', command: '...' } ] given the models and configuration for the pipeline, job, and build
b.getTeardownCommands({ pipeline, job, build }).then((commands) => { ... });


npm test


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.

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