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Screwdriver Client

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The command line client for Screwdriver.


Please note that this code is no longer used by the team and has not been maintained in a while. You are welcome to use and/or contribute to it at your own risk.


$ client --help
$ client pipelines list  
$ client builds list
$ client jobs list


Building From Source

  1. Ensure all dependencies (listed below) are met
  2. Get the code from github and add it to your GOPATH under src/
  3. Run bash $ swagger generate client <path to swagger spec>
  4. Run ```bash $ go get`` in the root directory of the Screwdriver Client
  5. Run bash $ go install in the root directory of the Screwdriver Client
  6. Run bash $ sd --help to get started!


$ go get
$ go test -cover


  1. Go-Swagger Binary - This is used in order to do the code generation following the Swagger (OpenAPI) Specification
  2. Go-Swagger Tag 0.50.0 Dependency - This is a code dependency for the package go-swagger, in order to build from source, this is required.


  • The code generation is picky about the packages it tries to pull down. Ensure that the code generated all uses the dependencies from go-swagger


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.

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