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Screwdriver Jenkins Executor

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Jenkins Executor Plugin for Screwdriver


npm install screwdriver-executor-jenkins


The class provides a couple options that are configurable in the instantiation of this Executor

Parameter Type Default Description
config Object Configuration Object
config.ecosystem Object Screwdriver Ecosystem (ui, api, store, etc.)
config.jenkins.username String 'screwdriver' The username for the Jenkins cluster
config.jenkins.password String The password or token for the Jenkins cluster String The hostname for the Jenkins cluster
config.jenkins.port Number 8080 The port number for the Jenkins cluster
config.jenkins.nodeLabel String 'screwdriver' Node labels of Jenkins slaves
config.jenkins.buildTimeout Number 90 Number of minutes to allow a build to run before considering it is timed out
config.jenkins.maxBuildTimeout Number 120 Max timeout user can configure up to
config.docker.composeCommand String 'docker'-compose The path to the docker-compose command
config.docker.launchVersion String 'stable' Launcher container version to use
config.docker.prefix String '' Prefix to container names
config.docker.memory String '4g' Memory limit (docker run --memory option)
config.docker.memoryLimit String '6g' Memory limit include swap (docker run --memory-swap option)
config.buildScript String Shell script to start the job
config.cleanupScript String '' Shell script to clean up the job
config.cleanupTimeLimit Number 20 Time to stop the job (seconds)
config.cleanupWatchInterval Number 2 Interval to detect the stopped job (seconds)

If config.buildScript is provided, the executor run the command instead of docker. You are responsible for deploying launcher in slave machines or VM.



Slave machine


For more information on start, stop, and stats please see the executor-base-class.


npm test


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.