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Notifications (Email)

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Sends email notifications on certain build events.


npm install screwdriver-notifications-email


The class has a variety of knobs to tweak when interacting with Email Notifications.

Parameter Type Description
config Object Configuration Object String SMTP Host URL
config.port Number Port to use when connecting to SMTP
config.from String Sender email address
config.username String Optional username for SMTP
config.password String Optional password for SMTP

The interface looks for email-specific build data:

Parameter Type Description
buildData Object Build Data Object
buildData.status String Build status update for notification
buildData.settings Object Pluggable settings for each build Object Email-specific settings
buildData.pipelineName String Name of your pipeline
buildData.jobName String Job this email is being sent for
buildData.buildId Number Build number this email is being sent for
buildData.buildLink String Link to build can take either:

Simple Configuration = ''

Advanced Configuration = {
    addresses: ['', ''], // Multiple recipient addresses
    statuses: ['SUCCESS', 'FAILURE'] // Build statuses to notify addresses about


npm test


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.