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This chart bootstraps the whole screwdriver ecosystem and also nginx ingress controller.


Installing the chart:

Please set up the following K8S secrets before installing the chart:

  • screwdriver-api-{{ .Values.env }}-secrets
  • screwdriver-store-{{ .Values.env }}-secrets (OPTIONAL)

An example secret template file screwdriver-api-secrets.tmpl is provided. Run to generate secrets that can be auto-generated, the rest still need to be added manually.

# before running the script, please configure your scm settings in example-scm-settings.json
# reference:
$ ./
# replace name and namespace with what you specify in values.yaml
$ kubectl apply -f screwdriver-api-secrets.yaml
# OPTIONAL: create the secrets for store if you configure to use S3 for store
$ kubectl apply -f screwdriver-store-secrets.yaml

You can customize your Screwdriver flavor in values.yaml, after that, install the chart:

$ helm dependency update
$ helm install my-screwdriver . --namespace your-namespace
# To delete everything
$ helm uninstall my-screwdriver
# To update the chart
$ helm upgrade my-screwdriver . --namespace your-namespace


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