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A simple collection of useful scripts for Ruby on Rails developers who use Git
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These are a collection of scripts to make it easier to work with Git-based Ruby
on Rails projects.


To install, create symlinks of each of these executables in a bin folder, such
as /usr/local/bin:

ln -s /path/to/rails-git-scripts/git-* /usr/local/bin/

Each tool can then be run as if it were a normal git command.


git checkout-migrate

Usage: git checkout-migrate <branch>

This task checks out a branch, and migrates the database appropriately for that
branch. In order, it performs the following tasks:

  1. Migrates down any migrations unique to the current branch,
  2. checks out the new branch, and
  3. migrates up any migrations unique to the new branch.

git remote-branch

Usage: git remote-branch (create|destroy) [<branch>]

Creates or destroys remote branches and their associated local tracking
branches. This code is based on git-remote-branch by Carl Mercier

Creating Branches

With no arguments (git remote-branch create), adds a new remote branch with the
commits in the current branch (presumably a local-only branch), and configures
this branch to track the remote branch.

With a <branch> specified, creates a remote branch, creates a local
tracking branch, and switches to that branch.

Deleting Branches

With no arguments (git remote-branch delete), removes the current branch both
locally and remotely.

With a <branch> specified, removes the given branch from the remote
repository then deletes the local tracking branch.

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