Support for Pinterest OAuth 2 and Pinning #267

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Hi Pablo, I was looking to add Pinterest to our solution. Since I'm already using scribe for twitter/facebook/linked-in, I was hoping to use it for Pinterest also. I am not sure of your plans to integrate a new API - is it in the next milestone?


Not sure, it shouldn't be hard, really. You just need to know the proper endpoints.


Unfortunately Pinterest doesn't count with an official api yet,
i added Printerest support using an unofficial api but i wasn't able to test it, so if you are interested maybe can take a look and see if it's what you need (just for the record)


Any updates on this. There is an official API now -

Scribe Java (OAuth library) member

Aha. I see your PR #591
will continue there


I want to used pinterest api in adobe flash builder air desktop application. If you have any api inbuild library or swf file in flex as3 then please give me link.

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