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Use Aloha for titles #19

scribu opened this Issue May 25, 2011 · 3 comments

3 participants

scribu commented May 25, 2011

It would be nice if, when editing a post or widget title, Aloha would kick in, instead of a plain input box.

The floating menu should not appear, since it's not needed.

Jotschi commented May 26, 2011

The format options can be configured in the com.gentics.aloha.plugins.Format section of the aloha config. See view-source:

Hiding the floating menu should also be possible. (Not via aloha config)

radeno commented Jun 1, 2011

I think Aloha could be user for site title and description too.

And maybe with instalation Abbreviation plugin and disabling unnecessary plugins is able to use Aloha for Comments.

scribu commented Aug 14, 2011

Even the tag input could be made to use contentEditable, since jquery-ui-autossugest supports it.

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