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I just noticed that you have introduced (a while ago) the Post creation form the front end (
Do you think of the same for pages?
I have mentioned this here in the issues long ago when this nice plugin started, but let me repeat my idea.

The Idea is to extend the edit link for more features. And that is the the one click "crate page" on the same hierarchy level, or as child page of the currently seen. This all together with the actual features of FEE let the users create their website structure right form the front end.
They could start with a single page and as they browse the website they can create necessary page branches here and there, when they actually feel the page has to be created.
The reason why to introduce such a feature is probably the same as for the whole FEE plugin. Some users are simply confused by the backend front end logic.
Through the process of website development for my clients I found out that the standart Wordpress edit link as one of the most loved feature.
I think if people can create the page right on the place they'll just love it.

thanks for your excellent work. 2046


scribu commented Aug 14, 2012

You can currently create pages too with FEE, but not set their parent.

I agree that this would probably be a worthwhile feature, but I have no interest in implementing it at this time.

But patches (or, more precisely, pull requests) welcome.

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