Connection ordering

Cristi Burcă edited this page Aug 20, 2014 · 17 revisions

It's possible to define a custom sort order for each connection.

When registering a connection type, you can set the 'sortable' flag:

    p2p_register_connection_type( array(
        'name' => 'posts_to_pages',
        'from' => 'post',
        'to' => 'page',
        'sortable' => 'any'
    ) );

The value of 'sortable' can be 'from', 'to', 'any', or false (default).

This will make the connection rows sortable via drag-and-drop. The ordering information will be stored in a connection field.

When calling p2p_type( 'posts_to_pages' )->get_connected(), the resulting list will be ordered accordingly.

Note that ordering is not available for indeterminate connection types.