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0.9.6-22 2011-10-15
* Fixed bug in js bson parser that could cause wrong object size on serialization, Issue #370
* Fixed bug in findAndModify that did not throw error on replicaset timeout, Issue #373
0.9.6-21 2011-10-05
* Reworked reconnect code to work correctly
* Handling errors in different parts of the code to ensure that it does not lock the connection
* Consistent error handling for Object.createFromHexString for JS and C++
0.9.6-20 2011-10-04
* Reworked bson.js parser to get rid off Array.shift() due to it allocating new memory for each call. Speedup varies between 5-15% depending on doc
* Reworked to throw error when trying to serialize js bson types
* Added MinKey, MaxKey and Double support for JS and C++ parser
* Reworked socket handling code to emit errors on unparsable messages
* Added logger option for Db class, lets you pass in a function in the shape
log : function(message, object) {},
error : function(errorMessage, errorObject) {},
debug : function(debugMessage, object) {},
Usage is new Db(new Server(..), {logger: loggerInstance})
0.9.6-19 2011-09-29
* Fixing compatibility issues between C++ bson parser and js parser
* Added Symbol support to C++ parser
* Fixed socket handling bug for seldom misaligned message from mongodb
* Correctly handles serialization of functions using the C++ bson parser
0.9.6-18 2011-09-22
* Fixed bug in waitForConnection that would lead to 100% cpu usage, Issue #352
0.9.6-17 2011-09-21
* Fixed broken exception test causing bamboo to hang
* Handling correctly command+lastError when both return results as in findAndModify, Issue #351
0.9.6-16 2011-09-14
* Fixing a bunch of issues with compatibility with MongoDB 2.0.X branch. Some fairly big changes in behavior from 1.8.X to 2.0.X on the server.
* Error Connection MongoDB V2.0.0 with Auth=true, Issue #348
0.9.6-15 2011-09-09
* Fixed issue where pools would not be correctly cleaned up after an error, Issue #345
* Fixed authentication issue with secondary servers in Replicaset, Issue #334
* Duplicate replica-set servers when omitting port, Issue #341
* Fixing findAndModify to correctly work with Replicasets ensuring proper error handling, Issue #336
* Merged in code from ( that checks for global variable leaks
0.9.6-14 2011-09-05
* Minor fixes for error handling in cursor streaming (, Issue #332
* Minor doc fixes
* Some more cursor sort tests added, Issue #333
* Fixes to work with 0.5.X branch
* Fix Db not removing reconnect listener from serverConfig, (, Issue #337
* Removed node_events.h includes (, Issue #339
* Implement correct safe/strict mode for findAndModify.
0.9.6-13 2011-08-24
* Db names correctly error checked for illegal characters
0.9.6-12 2011-08-24
* Nasty bug in GridFS if you changed the default chunk size
* Fixed error handling bug in findOne
0.9.6-11 2011-08-23
* Timeout option not correctly making it to the cursor, Issue #320, Fix from (
* Fixes for memory leaks when using buffers and C++ parser
* Fixes to make tests pass on 0.5.X
* Cleanup of bson.js to remove duplicated code paths
* Fix for errors occurring in ensureIndex, Issue #326
* Removing require.paths to make tests work with the 0.5.X branch
0.9.6-10 2011-08-11
* Specific type Double for capped collections (, Issue #312
* Decorating Errors with all all object info from Mongo (, Issue #308
* Implementing fixes for mongodb 1.9.1 and higher to make tests pass
* Admin validateCollection now takes an options argument for you to pass in full option
* Implemented keepGoing parameter for mongodb 1.9.1 or higher, Issue #310
* Added test for read_secondary count issue, merged in fix from (, Issue #317
* Bug fix for bson parsing the key '':'' correctly without crashing
* Changed to using node.js crypto library MD5 digest
* Connect method support documented mongodb: syntax by (
* Support Symbol type for BSON, serializes to it's own type Symbol, Issue #302, #288
* Code object without scope serializing to correct BSON type
* Lot's of fixes to avoid double callbacks ( Issue #304
* Long deserializes as Number for values in the range -2^53 to 2^53, Issue #305 (
* Fixed C++ parser to reflect JS parser handling of long deserialization
* Bson small optimizations
0.9.6-7 2011-07-13
* JS Bson deserialization bug #287
0.9.6-6 2011-07-12
* FindAndModify not returning error message as other methods Issue #277
* Added test coverage for $push, $pushAll and $inc atomic operations
* Correct Error handling for non 12/24 bit ids on Pure JS ObjectID class Issue #276
* Fixed terrible deserialization bug in js bson code #285
* Fix by andrewjstone to avoid throwing errors when this.primary not defined
0.9.6-5 2011-07-06
* Rewritten BSON js parser now faster than the C parser on my core2duo laptop
* Added option full to indexInformation to get all index info Issue #265
* Passing in ObjectID for new Gridstore works correctly Issue #272
0.9.6-4 2011-07-01
* Added test and bug fix for insert/update/remove without callback supplied
0.9.6-3 2011-07-01
* Added simple grid class called Grid with put, get, delete methods
* Fixed writeBuffer/readBuffer methods on GridStore so they work correctly
* Automatic handling of buffers when using write method on GridStore
* GridStore now accepts a ObjectID instead of file name for write and read methods
* GridStore.list accepts id option to return of file ids instead of filenames
* GridStore close method returns document for the file allowing user to reference _id field
0.9.6-2 2011-06-30
* Fixes for reconnect logic for server object (replays auth correctly)
* More testcases for auth
* Fixes in error handling for replicaset
* Fixed bug with safe parameter that would fail to execute safe when passing w or wtimeout
* Fixed slaveOk bug for findOne method
* Implemented auth support for replicaset and test cases
* Fixed error when not passing in rs_name
0.9.6-1 2011-06-25
* Fixes for test to run properly using c++ bson parser
* Fixes for dbref in native parser (correctly handles ref without db component)
* Connection fixes for replicasets to avoid runtime conditions in cygwin (
* Fixes for timestamp in js bson parser (distinct timestamp type now)
0.9.6 2011-06-21
* Worked around npm version handling bug
* Race condition fix for cygwin (
0.9.5-1 2011-06-21
* Extracted Timestamp as separate class for bson js parser to avoid instanceof problems
* Fixed driver strict mode issue
0.9.5 2011-06-20
* Replicaset support (failover and reading from secondary servers)
* Removed ServerPair and ServerCluster
* Added connection pool functionality
* Fixed serious bug in C++ bson parser where bytes > 127 would generate 2 byte sequences
* Allows for forcing the server to assign ObjectID's using the option {forceServerObjectId: true}
* Removed multiple message concept from bson
* Changed to be, db)
0.1 2010-01-30
* Initial release support of driver using native node.js interface
* Supports gridfs specification
* Supports admin functionality
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