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Documentation    FAQ    Gitter Chat    Terms of Sevice

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Welcome to the community page for Scrimba! This is where you can give us feedback, find answers to questions and keep yourself updated on how we plan to build out the site. Here's a list of the contents of this repository.

Become a Instructor - Guide

Interested in becoming a Scrimba instructor? Check out this guide, which will help you get started.

"What does this button do?" - Documentation

Check our well explained documentation if you need explanations of how Scrimba work. In it you'll learn how to record and edit screencasts and how include external JavaScript libraries. So take a quick look on the documentation and you will know all Scrimba's functionality from head to tail.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

There's no reason to scratch your head, if you can't find the answer you're looking for in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please ask us in the Gitter Chat.

Issues - Issues Page

Do you want to have a saying in which feature we build next? To follow and affect our product development, simply head over to the issues of this repository, as we're using these to organize our product development process. Feel free to raise issues if you find bugs or have feature requests.

Feature Request - Feature Requests

Feature requests are organised as issues, and listed after the number of votes here. To vote for a feature, give it a 👍. Have a nice idea for Scrimba? Create a new feature request. The Scrimba team will give your request a feature-request label as soon as possible.

Splat! - Bug Report

To submit a bug report, create an issue. The Scrimba team will give it the label bug as soon as possible. Please check the bug reports before submitting one, in case it's already been submitted.

TOS - Terms of Service

We try to keep our terms as simple as possible. If you have any questions to them, please send us an email ( or ask in the Gitter Chat.

Privacy Policy

This document describes how we handle personal data at It also contains contact information in case you want us to delete your data. It’s written with clarity in mind, so it should be easy to follow.