An open-source discussion board written in PHP.
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Boardsolution is an open-source discussion board written in PHP, uses a MySQL backend and is based on FrameWorkSolution. It provides everything that you would expect from a discussion board like forums, topics, posts, polls, appointments, private messages, moderators, user groups, a search function, a calendar, a portal, a sophisticated BBCode engine, multiple languages, a feature-rich admin control panel and much more. Additionally, it uses a BBCodeEditor to allow the user to write posts in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get way.
Since it is template-based and constructed in a very modular way, it is easy to customize and extend.

Getting started

When you want to try it directly from the git repository, please do the following steps:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. git submodule update
  3. Rename _install.php to install.php
  4. Follow the installation instructions below


  1. Upload all files to your server.
  2. Open the install.php in your browser and follow the installation.
  3. Now delete the file install.php.
  4. If you want to include Boardsolution into another PHP script, it may cause trouble (e.g. you might see an error like "header already sent by ..."). You can prevent that by doing the following:
    Put the following code at the very beginning (This is really important!) of the file in which you include Boardsolution (if this file will be included, too, you have to put this in the "root-file"):
    <?php ob_start(); ?>
    and at the end of this file you add the following:
    <?php ob_end_flush(); ?>
  5. Now you can login to the board with the username and password you've set in the installation and configure Boardsolution like you desire. Please note also the options in the file config/userdef.php.

If you have problems with Boardsolution of any kind, feel free to ask for help in the support-board.


An update is only possible from Boardsolution v1.3x. If you have an older version you have to update step by step.
Please backup the complete board in every case. Just to be sure. "Complete" means that you should save the database-content (you can do that for example with Boardsolution (Adminarea -> Database-backup), phpMyAdmin or something similar) and save all files of the board.

Please delete at first all files and folders of the old version to prevent issues. But be careful: Don't delete important data (added by users or by yourself). These are the following folders:

  • dbbackup/
  • images/avatars/
  • images/smileys/
  • uploads

Please do also note the following:
If you have changed the design of a theme in the adminarea, the file themes/$theme/style.css has been changed. If you have changed templates in the adminarea this has been done in themes/$theme/templates/. Perhaps you have also changed something in the config/userdef.php.

Besides the above mentioned things, the only difference in the installation compared to a full installation is that you have to choose "Update".