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glennblock commented Mar 10, 2013

Hello ScriptCs friends.

We've seen some great energy from folks in the past week around contributing to scriptcs and WE LOVE IT. We're quickly having to come up with a strategy though for how to manage taking in all this goodness and keeping the core consistent. We definitely want to soak up all that energy you have.

So, we've come up with the following approach we're going to try out.

  • Bugs - For bugs, just go fix it. Don't ask UNLESS it starts to turn into a feature.
  • Features - By default all issues tagged as enhancements will be fixed by the core team. However if you'd like to take it, please socialize the idea in our new google group (!forum/scriptcs) so we can discuss before you put in a potentially wasted effort.
  • YOU TAKE IT - These are items that we just don't have the bandwidth to take but are important and well we'd like YOU to take them. One place we'll use this is for investigations / prototyping, like figuring out a possible debugging story which @dschenkelman has just done. Generally these would be features that are add ons rather than core but not necessarily. Regardless if it is labled "YOU TAKE IT" then you take it!

A few other points on features you grab:

  • If an issue is already assigned or marked as "TAKEN" then it is already taken.
  • To take it, just go comment that you want it.
  • For features whether they are a "YOU TAKE IT" or not, please discuss the design with the team. It's fine to hash it out right in the issue.

Here's another way of looking at this:

  • unassigned bug - available for you
  • assigned bug / taken bug - unavailable
  • you take it issue - available for you
  • taken issue - unavailable as someone already took it.

We really appreciate your help in taking scriptcs forward!


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