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REPL Commands

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Running the following in the REPL will list the available REPL commands:


The following commands are available in the REPL:

:alias          Allows you to alias a command with a custom name
:cd             Changes the working directory to the path provided.
:clear          Clears the console window.
:cwd            Displays the current working directory.
:exit           Exits the REPL
:help           Shows this help.
:install        Installs a Nuget package. I.e. :install <package> <version>
:references     Displays a list of assemblies referenced from the REPL context.
:reset          Resets the REPL state. All local variables and member definitions are cleared.
:scriptpacks    Displays information about script packs available in the REPL session
:usings         Displays a list of namespaces imported into REPL context.
:vars           Displays a list of variables defined within the REPL, along with their types and values.
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