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List of AUTHORS who contributed over time to the ScriptDev2 project


The code of ScriptDev2 is shipped as it is without any form of warranty, and - except for third party libraries - licensed under the GPL 2.0, which you can read from the file "COPYING"

Point of current development

The project is currently hosted at and developed under

History of development

Development of this project dates back to 2006, and was developed under various umbrellas over time:

Authorship of the code

Authorship is assigned for each commit within the git history, which is stored in these git repositories:


Exceptions with third party libraries

Authors List:

Please inform us, if you find somebody who is missing!

Abim Alexluana Ambal Amki antifreak Anubisss ApoC arrai astriconX Azelen Azuritus balrok bastii blueboy bobi88 BroodWyrm Bugfix burned cala Cher0 Chero cipherCOM ckegg crackm creakie Cupcake Cyberium DaC darkman1983 DasBlub DasMy Derex DiffuSer drz2002 dufernst Dunemaster etznab evil-at-wow foot Forusim fr1ge fra298 FragFrog Goaul greenseed grz3s Gurg hoshie Hundekuchen hunuza Huricane Insanity Peppers Janu Jethro jotapdiez Junta kid 10 Klark20 kolomati2 krofna Lightguard Lynx3d MeanMachine Meldanor michalpolko miebaik mns Morpho NeatElves Neo2003 Nighoo nitka NoFantasy Ntsc NuRRi Opterman Panic Patman128 paytheo Peppers przemratajczak PSZ raynar Reamer Reve rise2 Saeldur Sattelit Schmoozerd Seline septim SRobot stfx tarwyn Tassader truera3or Turok UnknowN-TerroR Vinolentus virusav VladimirMangos Wizz Xfurry X-Savior XTZGZoReX zergtmn