Problems with rename refactoring and undo #268

aeisenberg opened this Issue Mar 27, 2013 · 1 comment

2 participants

  1. Start with the following text:
var names;
for (var foo =0;foo<99;foo++) {
  1. Select the first foo (must be the entire word)
  2. Invoke rename refactoring
  3. Move caret so that it is at the start of foo.
  4. Type any char
  5. Craziness!
  6. Undo
  7. Even more craziness!
@aclement aclement was assigned Mar 27, 2013

I knew that moving the cursor during the edit would break things (due to how we intercept the key presses), I don't think that is the same as the problem I was seeing with renaming misbehaving on undo. In my situation I was just typing the new chars and then undo, no cursor movement/pasting or anything else.

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