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cawoodm commented Dec 11, 2012

Low prio but it would be nice to have a customizable (in .scripted) filter on the navigator like ".js;.html;*.css" so that you don't see other files in the folders which need to be there but have no business in the IDE editor. Typically you would then hide source management files or text files you use to jot ideas, images and other crap.

UltraEdit Example: http://screencast.com/t/7S5NiKCyc7

cawoodm commented Mar 13, 2013

Just noticed that this feature is available in Sublime Text 2:

"folder_exclude_patterns": [".svn", ".git", ...],
    "file_exclude_patterns": ["*.pyc", "*.pyo", "*.exe", ...],

so, in the name of plagiarism: gimme!


kdvolder commented Mar 13, 2013

I guess we could do that, or we could do something similar to how we allow you to exclude files/folders from searches. This info may be hard to find as I don't see it documented on our wiki. Only info is herein our old issue tracker:


I should fix this and add some docs on configuring the search to wiki. Lest I forget again I raised #259

In the name of consistency I propose we allow configuring navigator exclude patterns in similar fashion. E.g

  navigator: {
        exclude: [ "**/*.exe", "**/node_modules", "**/cache"] 

BTW: '.git', '.svn' and '.cvs' are always excluded fro both searches and navigator and there's no way to configure/override that.
I did this because when I started playing with overriding the 'default' behavior I found it an unpleasant surprise that those popped up again and I can't really imagine anyone really ever wants to see or search inside their .git or other SCM files.

We chose to keep search and navigator excludes separate since I think it is possible you may want to exclude some things from searches yet still want to be able to navigate into them.

cawoodm commented Mar 14, 2013

Si, is good if is consistent and is a documented.

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