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Rebinding actions related to the in-file search dialog doesn't work #60

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Unfortunately, these lower end Fn keys cannot be rebound. We cannot override some of these browser and system keybindings.


Well Ctrl+L is a Chrome hotkey which can be overridden by scripted so I tried this out:

document.onkeydown = function(event){
    console.log('Key: '+event.keyCode);
    if (event.keyCode == 114) console.log("You pressed F3 and Chrome doesn't know!");
    return false; 

and it seeems to work: Chrome doesn't open it's Find dialog when you press F3. Works in FF too.

scripted-editor member

To correct Andrew's info: there's actually really no problem rebinding F3 key in general, I think. Just tried it out and bound 'insert newline at end of line' action to F3. Not a problem.

What I think may be the problem is the 'Find next occurence' isn't really an action like most others in that it has to be executed in the context of a search. So it isn't handled by the orion keybinding/handling code in the same way. I think these actions/keybindings are hard-coded in the search dialog code that pops out at the top of the window.

Since they are are hard-coded, rebinding the keys doesn't work.

That's my current theory at least. I'll have to take a deeper look.


@kdvolder kdvolder was assigned

Often times one searches for something, does an edit then presses the "Find Next" hotkey to continue searching. This doesn't work with the standard binding Ctrl+K either which only seems to work inside the search dialog. Strangely F3 doesn't even work inside the search dialog so there is a) a need to support this binding in the editor and b) some inconsistent behaviour.

scripted-editor member

What you are telling me seems to confirm my theory. I know there is some special handling code for CTRL+K and CTRL+R keys in the 'search dialog'. This code is a bit naughty and hard-codes the keys so I already suspected it won't play nice with key-rebinding support.

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