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cawoodm commented Dec 22, 2012

Tooltip flickers on and off every second in Chrome (Win7) but works fine in FireFox.

btw. Is there no way to get the JSDoc description shown in this tooltip?

  * This text here...
  * @param...

aeisenberg commented Dec 23, 2012

Working on the tooltips is something that we will look at for 0.4 They definitely need to be formatted better, use colors, and where appropriate show the docs. In this case, are you specifically talking about the parameter types?

cawoodm commented Dec 23, 2012

I think it was all and any hover tooltips but today it's not flickering any more.

My aside was a question about displaying the JSDoc description in the tooltip instead of just the @ stuff.


aeisenberg commented Dec 25, 2012

I changed the title to better reflect what you are describing. This is the direction that we want to go in where the tooltip hovers are more informative. I'd also consider putting some form of this information in a side panel.


aeisenberg commented Feb 26, 2013

I think this bug is the same one described in issue #185. Are you still seeing this? Are you using canary builds?

I have not been able to reproduce this issue at all, but I will leave this open for now if you still see it.

cawoodm commented Feb 26, 2013

Yep, still seeing it occasionally -> Chrome 24, nothing fancy. It could be a browser problem though.

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