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Quick start

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You must have node installed. You can grab it from here. We have been testing with various versions from Node 0.8.2 onwards - currently Node 0.8.16 is available and appears to work just fine. Scripted may work with older versions of node, but there is no guarantee (i.e., 0.8.0 is known to be broken).

Getting the code

Using npm

This is the If you have the node package manager (npm) installed then Scripted can be installed using it on windows, mac or linux:

npm install -g scripted

This will install the latest version for you and the launch script 'scr' will immediately be available to run.

Using a pre=packaged zip

You can grab pre-packaged releases from the Scripted homepage. You can also find the release notes there. To install:

  1. Download a zip
  2. Unzip
  3. Then add the bin folder to your path:


export PATH=<pathToUnzipLocationOrClone>/bin:$PATH


set PATH=<pathToUnzipLocationOrClone>\bin;%PATH%

Install from master

Requires npm to be available.

Or you can follow the bleeding edge by either cloning the repository:

git clone
cd scripted
npm install

Calling npm install will grab all the dependencies on both the client and the server.

Note that the pre-packaged versions of scripted do not include the test folders. If you want to run the tests, then you must clone from master.

Launch it

then launch it:

scr myfile.js

(you can use scripted to launch it if you'd prefer to type more characters...)

Anything else I need to know before using it?

When you open Scripted on a file, it will attempt to infer the root of your project by locating the nearest .git/.project file in the hierarchy. Knowing the root is important because that is the scope in which searching and dependency analysis is done. If you don't have one of these markers for the root, you can create an empty .scripted file to indicate the root. Scripted needs to know the root because, of course, some operations (like content assist, dependency resolution, search) happen in the context of a project.

Now go

Just like working with vi or textmate you can fire up scripted simply by launching it from your terminal:

scr [file|directory]

To see the basic options supported by scr use the help option scr --help.

Setting up the dev environment

So you are interested in contributing back to the project? Great! Make sure that you have node version 0.8.11 or later installed. Clone the scripted repository make your changes and submit a pull request. We recommend that you use scripted to make your changes. And we ask that you run the tests before submitting any pull requests.

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