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A synchronous version of Require.js for use with optimized files produced using the Require.js AMD framework

Why would you need this?

Require.js is a very powerful library for breaking large, complex JavaScript projects into smaller, well organized modules and loading them asynchronously. Require.js also features an optimizer that bundles all used modules into a single file for faster download without any change in behaviour. It is very strongly recommended that you stick to Require.js's pattern of asynchronous loading, but there are times when this is not possible and can lead to race conditions in sites that requires code to be loaded in a specific order or that need code to be in a certain state by a certain point on your page.

Require-synchronous allows you load optimized code and then execute it immediately, where you need it.

The reason this library was written was to allow synchronous legacy code to be replaced with Require.js modules.

Why don't you make a pull request on the Require.js repository

I consider Require.js's asynchronous model to be superior to synchronous models and I wrote this basically to handle an edge case. I consider it a shim that doesn't have a place in Require.js's code base.

How do I use this?

  • optimize your code using the Require.js optimizer
  • save require-synchronous.min.js to your server
  • change your page code to use require-synchronous.js instead of require.js (note that data-main will no longer work)
  • load our optimized code at the point where you need it to be executed


require-synchronous temporarily overrides any existing methods called require() and declare() and restores them as soon as it is completed. This means that at present it can only be used once (every time require() is invoked, the previous version of require will be restored.) If you find you need to use this code several times on one page, you should probably consider more serious architectural changes.