Docs, support and sample code for the 1999 server and app project.
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defaults v0.59 Sep 4, 2016

1999-project needs a place for docs, support, sample code, and a place to store the default templates. This is that place.


v0.61 - 9/28/16 by DW

Added a howto for storing the public files for nodeStorage in a different location.

v0.60 - 9/17/16 by DW

You can now specify the text on the home page of your installation.

v0.59 - 9/4/16 by DW

You can now edit the Twitter and Facebook metadata for each post in

The default template was updated accordingly.

v0.58 - 8/14/16 by DW

Added docs explaining how to set up the Editors menu for users.

v0.57 - 8/11/16 by DW

Added docs showing how to use S3 storage instead of the local filesystem.

v0.56 - 8/10/16 by DW

Added docs for new googleAnalyticsAccount configuration option.

v0.55 - 7/24/16 by DW

New instructions for running 1999-server on Docker.

v0.54 - 7/8/16 by DW

Added a doc for the EC2 machine image.

v0.53 - 6/6/16 by DW

Added a new utility app that generates monthly archive pages. The feature was recently added to This builds archive pages for months before the feature came online. I'm using this app to generate the pages for Scripting News.

v0.52 - 6/4/16 by DW

Added about.opml to the new misc folder. It's just there to support review work on the About page for Using GitHub you will be able to follow changes to the document.

v0.51 - 5/30/16 by DW

The new domains configuration option is documented.

v0.50 - 5/16/16 by DW

PlugIns are now available in A new howto says how servers set them up and the templateEdit plugin is documented.

v0.49 - 5/13/16 by DW

New howto shows how to configure the homepage of the editor.

v0.48 - 4/27/16 by DW

Added a template for the Issues section, per the instructions on the GitHub site.

Thanks to the medium-editor project for the example.

v0.47 - 4/17/16 by DW

Demo app for websocket support in server. You can hook it up to your chatlog, and see how you might develop a client app for your blog using the realtime power of WebSockets. One of the few real-world demos for WebSockets.

Note: This app previously was in its own repository. It really belonged in this collection of demos.

Also: You can run this app from a web page on

v0.46 - 4/16/16 by DW

New sample app, readchatlog.js. Reads a chatLog.js file, which contains all the information about a user's blog, and lists each item to the console, including the ID, title and when it was posted. Just want to get people thinking of apps they might build off the chatLog.json files.

v0.45 - 4/12/16 by DW

New docs page on macros that are available to templates while pages are being rendered.

v0.44 - 4/8/16 by DW

Updates to the setup docs.

v0.44 - 4/6/16 by DW

New utility script for breaking up big chatLog.json files, one file per month in a sub-folder called months/.

v0.43 - 4/4/16 by DW

Started a new code folder for sample code. First bit of code I'm sharing is the source for, designed to run as a PagePark script.

v0.42 - 4/2/16 by DW

Added docs for publish callbacks.

Moved the startup docs from the blog.

Two more: updating and whitelist.

v0.41 - 4/2/16 by DW

Made a small change to template.opml. There's a new macro on the page title: [%defaulttitlestyle%].

<div class="divMessageTitle" id="idMessageTitle" [%defaulttitlestyle%]>[%title%]</div>

For story pages its the empty string, but for the home page it's: " style="display: none;" "

This stops the title from flashing when the home page is displayed. I found it really ugly and unacceptable.

Now, if you've modified your template, and you want this functionality you'll have to add this to your template.

v0.40 - 4/2/16 by DW

Started the project off with the defaults.

Included are the default menubar and template in OPML and the menubar in HTML.

These will stay updated along with any changes I make to the ones actually used by the app.

They're provided as a reference and a way to track changes to the templates.