A Node app that serves from GitHub repositories.
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A Node app that serves from GitHub repositories.

npm install githubpub

Hello World app

Here's the Hello World app.

I'm running the app here: http://githubpub.scripting.com/.

It's set up to access this directory in the Scripting-News repository.

It displays index.md when you access the top level of the site.

Here's githubpub on NPM.

Why githubpub is cool

  1. It can be configured to serve many sites from lots of locations on GitHub. Each location gets its own domain name.

  2. There's a template for markdown and plain text files. Makes it easy to change the appearance of these pages by editing a single file.

  3. It builds on the GitHub API, so if you've been looking for a foothold in extending GitHub, this is a good place to start. That's the primary reason I developed it.

  4. It has a cool name. Try saying it three times fast. ❤️

Questions, problems?

Post an issue here.