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code.js v0.4.18 Nov 21, 2018
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styles.css v0.4.22 Sep 10, 2019
xmlrpc.js v0.4.10 Jun 7, 2018

Browser-based XML-RPC client

A JavaScript client for the browser.

The core code for the browser version is xmlrpc.js.

It uses routines in several of my libraries:

  • utils.js -- stringMid, stringNthField, filledString, encodeXml.

  • xml.js -- xmlGetAddress.

It also uses jQuery.

The demo app, in index.html and its two included files, code.js and styles.css, make six calls to the betty server, two to test error reporting, and four to test various combinations of scalars, parameter lists, structs and array.

The server it calls is a clone of the one we used in the earlier work on XML-RPC.

You can run the test app from

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