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+title: Scriptish 0.1.8 Released!
+tags: release
+ name: Erik Vold
+ website:
+ twitter: erikvold
+ email:
+[Scriptish 0.1.8 was uploaded to AMO today](!
+## Changes
+If you'd like to see a full feature list then you should check out the [version
+history] wiki page.
+### Fennec
+Fennec has changed, the lder version has been replaced by what we call now
+Native Fennec. So all of the old code, that had a few bugs, is no longer
+useful. So support for Fennec has been temporarily removed.
+### Firefox Sync
+Thanks to [Greg], it is now possible to have Scriptish preferences synced by
+Firefox Sync. This
+feature is opt-in, so you must use the Scriptish options window to enable it.
+### Issue Tracker
+I've switched back to the Github issue tracker. Lighthouse has many
+advantages, but it wasn't working out for this project, so it is no longer
+going to be used. So a few links within the add-on had to be updated.
+### Memory Leak
+There was a memory leak in the last version when using `GM_registerMenuCommand`
+in a second window, such that if the second window was closed it would leak
+because of the associated menu command. So this was resolved.
+Firefox 17 introduces a new `Cu.nukeSandbox` method which does what it says, so
+I am now using this when windows are destroyed.
+### Compatibility Updates
+A few apis were breaking due to [`__exposedProps__`].
+Also `console.log`/`GM_log` updates were made by [Nils].
+### GM_safeHTMLParser
+[Greg] added a new argument, `aBaseURL`, which allows authors to specify a
+base URL to be used when resolving partials.
+[version history]:
+[switching to the SDK]:

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