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+layout: main
+title: Give Scriptify A Try
+keywords: firefox scriptify
+ name: Erik Vold
+ website:
+ twitter: erikvold
+ email:
+[Scriptify]( is a add-on created by [Kris Maglione](
+which allows users to easily package a user script in to a restartless add-on.
+The add-on works fine alongside Scriptish or Greasemonkey.
+The add-ons which Scriptify creates can then be uploaded to AMO, where it can be reviewed. If
+you are familiar with the old [user script compiler](,
+which did something similiar, then you will want to defamiliarize yourself.
+Big thanks to Kris for developing this add-on, it is a big step forward for the
+[Find Scriptify on AMO here.](

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