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Scriptish is Open Source, released under the terms of the MIT license;
see the file.
Scriptish was forked from Greasemonkey on Monday, July 5 2010, and contains more
code derived from Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is Open Source, released under
the terms of the MIT license.
Scriptish contains code derived from FireBug ( ),
reused under the terms of the BSD license; see LICENSE.bsd.
Scriptish also contains code derived from Mozilla projects, including
Firefox ( ). This code is reused under the MPL license.
All code located in the content/third-party/, content/js/third-party/,
modules/third-party/, and skin/third-party/ directories, contain the appropriate
licensing disclaimers and notifications.
The icon used was created by Slowpoke for Scriptish.
The uso_medium.png icon contained within Scriptish is the property of and is being used with their consent
License copies can be found in the extension/license/ directory.
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