Cannot use regex patterns for User Includes/Excludes in user script "Preferences" dialog unless "i" flag is used. #175

asmblur opened this Issue Aug 19, 2013 · 0 comments

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Attempting to use regular expressions in the User Includes/Excludes for a user script in the script's Preferences dialog without the "i" flag specified causes an error when clicking "OK" and fails to apply the changes.

Cause: Bug in "extension/modules/utils/PatternCollection.js" at line 60 incorrectly assigns 0 to array variable "this._regsSensitives" but should assign 0 to the variable's "length" property:
this._regs.length = this._regsSensitives = this._regsTLD.length = 0;
this._regs.length = this._regsSensitives.length = this._regsTLD.length = 0;

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