Implement GM_watchValue/GM_unwatchValue #24

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@supahgreg supahgreg Implementing GM_watchValue and GM_unwatchValue. Closes #24
(cherry picked from commit 4d3e46e)
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dindog commented Sep 24, 2012

In console, the log message show like this:
[10:47:58.891] [test@dindog] removed 'foo' observer #1 @ resource://scriptish/utils/Scriptish_injectScripts.js:86

Other log show the exact line of the userscript instead of scriptish internal file, can you improve that?
[10:48:01.363] [test@dindog] top window: load @ chrome://scriptish/content/scriptish.js -> file:///D:/fx%20profile/amy/scriptish_scripts/test@dindog/test@dindog.user.js:16

dindog commented Sep 24, 2012

Also, I don't understand the log sequence, the listener removed message is log before the listener itself:

[11:09:11.436] [test@dindog] 'foo' observer #1 GUID == {5a091aec-d611-42db-8f31-12d7a7047c5f} 
[11:09:11.437] [test@dindog] 'foo' observer #2 GUID == {5a091aec-d611-42db-8f31-12d7a7047c5f} 
[11:09:11.437] [test@dindog] removed 'foo' observer #1 
[11:09:11.438] [test@dindog] removed all 'foo' observers 
[11:09:11.448] [test@dindog] #1 observed 'foo' changed from 'bar' to 'baz' 
[11:09:11.449] [test@dindog] #2 observed 'foo' changed from 'bar' to 'baz' 
[11:09:11.449] [test@dindog] #2 observed 'foo' changed from 'baz' to 'qux' 

Your first comment is unrelated to this item, and seems to be a Web Console + GM_log thing. Using console.log should give the userscript file. If you want, create a separate issue.

There is a delay between Scriptish learning about the change and the userscript's "watcher" being notified. In that time other things can occur, like the relatively quick GM_unwatchValue. Things are still happening as expected, but don't seem that way in the sample userscript due to the logging... I'll probably add something better to the wiki later on.

dindog commented Sep 24, 2012

Yes, you are right. GM_log() and console.log() is different.

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