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es-ES translation for the new properties and minor corrections #61

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strel commented Oct 20, 2012

Translated from en-US locale.

I'm going to suggest that file property:
options.enabledSchemes.unmht=unmht protocol (Mozilla Archive format)
should include .mht format in the description

Also, as the extension can be used on Seamonkey, and maybe in future versions on other browsers, to replace all "Firefox" references in the locales (in en-US at first, and if replaceable not being Firefox specific) with a neutral "browser" reference.

strel added some commits Oct 20, 2012
@strel strel Update extension/locale/es-ES/
Translation of the new properties, change of one ALT key to avoid overlapping, and one minor letter case change.
@strel strel Update extension/locale/es-ES/
Minor correction
strel commented Sep 19, 2013

Is there any problem with this pull request for not being merged?

scriptish member

@strel looks like this needs to be updated, sorry for the bit rot

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