FAQ: Why doesn't Scriptish use GM's "Execution Order" sorting?

supahgreg edited this page Jul 19, 2011 · 4 revisions

Since Scriptish implemented @run-at, it is clear that providing UI for sorting scripts by 'execution order' is no longer a good idea. A user only had two reasons for using the old Greasemonkey 0.8 script sorting UI:

  1. Grouping user scripts by name. The new Add-ons Manager in Firefox already provides various sorting types. Scriptish may add more if users create an issue with their requested type(s).
  2. Moving script A before script B, since script A or B didn't work when A ran after B. This argument is no longer valid now that @run-at has been introduced. For example: if script A is @run-at document-start and script B is @run-at document-idle ( or uses @delay), then switching the order of the two scripts will do absolutely nothing. Furthermore, sorting by the actual 'execution order' cannot be done due to the arbitrary decision-making involved.
  3. Organizing scripts in the toolbar button's menu popup. Some users organized scripts in such a way that would be familiar to them when they open the toolbar button's menu popup, so that scripts weren't just displayed in the order that they were installed. In Scriptish scripts are sorted by name in the toolbar button's menu popup now, so the order should easily be familiar, predictable, and useful.