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GM_watchValue allows a userscript to be notified when a script preference (typically set through GM_setValue) is modified.


String aName

The name of the preference to monitor.

Function aCallback

The function called when the preference value changes. Gets passed the Response Object (see below).


String aUUID

A unique identifier (UUID), tying the monitored preference to the callback. Used to unwatch a value using GM_unwatchValue.

Response Object

The response object passed as the first argument to the GM_watchValue callback mentioned above.

  • String name: The name of the preference that was modified.
  • String Boolean Integer oldValue: The previous value of the preference.
  • String Boolean Integer newValue: The current value of the preference.


GM_setValue("foo", "bar");
function myObserver1(aNotice) {
GM_log("#1 observed '" + + "' changed from '"
     + aNotice.oldValue + "' to '" + aNotice.newValue + "'");
function myObserver2(aNotice) {
GM_log("#2 observed '" + + "' changed from '"
     + aNotice.oldValue + "' to '" + aNotice.newValue + "'");
var obs1UUID = GM_watchValue("foo", myObserver1);
GM_log("'foo' observer #1 GUID == " + obs1UUID);
var obs2UUID = GM_watchValue("foo", myObserver2);
GM_log("'foo' observer #2 GUID == " + obs1UUID);
GM_setValue("foo", "baz");
if (GM_unwatchValue("foo", obs1UUID))
  GM_log("removed 'foo' observer #1");
  GM_log("unable to remove 'foo' observer #1");
GM_setValue("foo", "qux");
if (GM_unwatchValue("foo"))
  GM_log("removed all 'foo' observers");
  GM_log("unable to remove all 'foo' observers");

GM_setValue("foo", "bar");