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@erikvold erikvold had -> has 0d93f20
@erikvold erikvold rewording intro to wiki 32685d1
@erikvold erikvold removing the reference that Fennec is supported 44bc4f0
@erikvold erikvold mentioning the improved apis d2db3cb
@erikvold erikvold removing ref to Fx 4 26fdc7f
@erikvold erikvold removing old links from the Home page a32b22d
@erikvold erikvold providing a security example on the Home page d9f87fd
@erikvold erikvold mention @css on the Home page d5d9049
@erikvold erikvold updating about message on home page to use past tense instead of present de2e277
@erikvold erikvold h1 to h2 14747f8
@erikvold erikvold adding some links to the wiki home page a3b3812
@erikvold erikvold mentioning the browsers supported in the feature list on the wiki home page f6f6a84
@erikvold erikvold minor edit: don't mention that GM is popular, put emphasis it's age instead. 288d256
@supahgreg supahgreg erikvold/scriptish --> scriptish/scriptish 169fe0a
@erikvold erikvold mentioning tests last on home page b/c users prob care about that least. 0dc0bfc
@supahgreg supahgreg tweaking the USO Integration line f602f91
@supahgreg supahgreg s/Extension/Add-ons/ c9d3a85
@supahgreg supahgreg mentioning GM_xpath c050b2a
@erikvold erikvold mentioning that uso reviews are displayed in EM on 'home 2be0ddd
@erikvold erikvold adding version history link from 'home' wiki page f009ac5
@erikvold erikvold minor simplification. af1b401
@supahgreg supahgreg tweaking the "Tests" feature description 6e81f95
@erikvold erikvold adding a link to the page on dealing with user script conflicts f83e998
@erikvold erikvold fixing link.. 64bc669
@erikvold erikvold linking to performance faq page f697a05
@erikvold erikvold minor tweaks to features list on home page decb7e7
@erikvold erikvold adding a 'Testing' section 7c0b899
@erikvold erikvold Google Chrome still hasn't actually implemented @run-at, so 'introduced' is a bit misleading. a47d377
@erikvold erikvold mentioning tests 87d1488
@erikvold erikvold Gm offers a toolbar button now, so theres no point mentioning it in this list now. ed4d484
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