How To: Submit a bug, issue, or feature request

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If you wish to submit a bug, issue, or feature request, then you can find the issue tracker here and you can create an issue here. Note that there are several details which are very important to include.

Bug Reports

Provide the following information:

  1. Your operating system (and version)
  2. Your browser (and version)
  3. The version of Scriptish you are using
  4. Your language and/or locale (e.g. "en-US")
  5. Clear steps to reproduce the bug (including a reduced-case user script, if applicable)
  6. Any error messages seen in the Error Console
  7. A description of what you expected to happen
  8. A description of what actually happened

Note: You can obtain the information requested under steps 1-3 from about:support (open that URL in a new tab). Copy "User-Agent" from the Application Basics section and the "Scriptish" version from the Extensions section.