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History / Manual: API

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@supahgreg supahgreg marking GM_addStyle as "improved in Scriptish" 4505059
@nmaier nmaier Add "Data access and processing" section 4df90c6
@supahgreg supahgreg shortening the `console` description 0cacb68
@supahgreg supahgreg mentioning `console` on the "Manual: API" page 793b576
@supahgreg supahgreg marking GM_log as "improved in Scriptish" and providing some more details 1dd8fd3
@supahgreg supahgreg Referencing the new `GM_xmlhttpRequest` page, marking as "Improved in Scriptish" 7e66bfd
@supahgreg supahgreg marking GM_updatingEnabled as "new in Scriptish", others as "improved in Scriptish" 77139cf
@supahgreg supahgreg tweaked the GM_*MenuCommand descriptions 610fd13
@supahgreg supahgreg mentioning GM_(enable|disable)MenuCommand 00ca289
@supahgreg supahgreg "new in Scriptish" for GM_unregisterMenuCommand Updated Manual: API (markdown) 2674683
@supahgreg supahgreg adding GM_unregisterMenuCommand Updated Manual: API (markdown) 5c1b717
@erikvold erikvold mentioning GM_generateUUID() Updated Manual: API (markdown) b8daf3b
@supahgreg supahgreg adding "new in Scriptish!" for GM_getMetadata Updated Manual: API (markdown) 283c97b
@supahgreg supahgreg created an entry for GM_getMetadata Updated Manual: API (markdown) f6f86e3
@supahgreg supahgreg moving unsafeWindow under the Constants section Updated Manual: API (markdown) cd9fb58
@supahgreg supahgreg adding some more whitespace between sections Updated Manual: API (markdown) 092d6ab
@supahgreg supahgreg updated GM_openInTab description Updated Manual: API (markdown) 9bb66c6
@erikvold erikvold GM_worker was removed Updated Manual: API (markdown) 7987ded
@erikvold erikvold mentioning GM_cryptoHash Updated Manual: API (markdown) 6e76f47
@supahgreg supahgreg adding "(new in Scriptish!)" to Scriptish-exclusive functions Updated Manual: API (markdown) 5e28c41
@supahgreg supahgreg renaming "Common Tasks" to "Other", moving GM_worker to that section Updated Manual: API (markdown) 445b4b9
@supahgreg supahgreg tweaking the Resource section note about @resource Updated Manual: API (markdown) 4667967
@supahgreg supahgreg adding links in Resources section Updated Manual: API (markdown) cd59957
@supahgreg supahgreg adding links to Value pages Updated Manual: API (markdown) 3b78575
@erikvold erikvold linking to Greasemonkey's docs on GM_xhr Updated Manual: API (markdown) b3ce5b9
@erikvold erikvold mentioning GM_safeHTMLParser Updated Manual: API (markdown) 725b2c7
@supahgreg supahgreg added "to" under GM_addStyle Updated Manual: API (markdown) c38e3ec
@supahgreg supahgreg rephrased pieces, Chrome -> User Interface, moved GM_xmlhttpRequest to Common Tasks Updated Manual: API (markdown) 8b2cff7
@supahgreg supahgreg adjusted Metadata link Updated Manual: API (markdown) 38bcdf4
@supahgreg supahgreg renaming to match Home Updated Scriptish Manual: API (markdown) fccba1b
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