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History / Manual: Metadata Block

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@jerone jerone Updated `@match` Chrome patterns 98a82d6
@supahgreg supahgreg Updating @grant to mention the alternative form (multiple GM_ per @grant) 3b6b565
@supahgreg supahgreg Updating @css, point GM_xmlhttpRequest reference to this wiki, and consistently styling metadata keys 0101648
@supahgreg supahgreg Tweaking the `@grant` description and mentioning that only one `GM_` function name is (currently) allowed per `@grant` line. d40a801
@supahgreg supahgreg Updating @css "new in Scriptish" style d38ba14
@erikvold erikvold Updated Manual: Metadata Block (markdown) 68d00af
@erikvold erikvold Updated Manual: Metadata Block (markdown) 84b0831
@erikvold erikvold mention @grant 32f7ea3
@erikvold erikvold point out that @css is new in Scriptish a86199d
@erikvold erikvold link for Stylish 7ffb55b
@erikvold erikvold adding space after @css b909f0e
@erikvold erikvold mention @css a98ba3f
@supahgreg supahgreg Minor tweak to the @run-at description 4133f86
@vBm vBm @contributionAmount was set instead of @contributionURL cf30514
@kynikos kynikos I thought it was too hidden in the FAQ, it took me a lot of debugging time before realizing that my problem with @updateURL was a non-compliant @version's format 92bb28a
@supahgreg supahgreg "api" -> "API"; linking to GM_notification's page; "url" -> "URL" 24148a0
@supahgreg supahgreg removing the "4" from "Firefox 4"; "Add-on Manager" --> "Add-ons Manager" c4079cf
@supahgreg supahgreg sample metadata block was not showing up properly d8c935d
@supahgreg supahgreg erikvold/scriptish --> scriptish/scriptish b35c315
@erikvold erikvold mentioning @developer on meta data man page 12dd944
@erikvold erikvold mention that @run-at was implemented first by Scriptish. 8e94589
@supahgreg supahgreg Google Chrome now supports @run-at; also removing unused styling 9176fec
@supahgreg supahgreg tweaking the `@updateURL` entry, mentioning the "Require user scripts to update using HTTPS" option 07d1fd7
@supahgreg supahgreg adding some more detail to the @contribution* entries 5668c0e
@erikvold erikvold minor fix to parent.. d06c8ec
@erikvold erikvold missing <br/>s 9b0d029
@erikvold erikvold missing # 8ecb8fe
@erikvold erikvold mentioning @contribution and @contributionURL 78f2eba
@nmaier nmaier Clarify @id a bit 5e1d602
@erikvold erikvold I was giving Google Chrome credit for implementing something that they did not.. @run-at b9ae4f4
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