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Using layman

Installation using layman is pretty straightforward:

layman -a scriptkitties
emerge --sync

Manual installation

Add this to /etc/portage/repos.conf/sk-overlay.conf.

location   = /usr/local/overlay/sk-overlay
sync-type  = git
sync-uri   =
auto-sync  = yes

Funtoo requires an additional key in the config, namely masters = core-kit.

/usr/local/overlay doesn’t exist by default so create it if needed.

[ ! -d /usr/local/overlay ] && mkdir -p /usr/local/overlay

Finally you can update portage.

# emerge --sync


Like all overlays, there are various methods of checking what the overlay contains. You could read through the git page, or you could go with the lazy alternative which uses app-portage/eix. First make sure your eix cache is up-to-date.

# eix-update

Then to search all ebuilds contained in this overlay, you can issue the following command:

# eix --in-overlay sk-overlay

Too install from one of the ebuilds in sk-overlay, the installation process is exactly the same as all normal gentoo packages. For instance, if you want to install void-sources-bin, you could simply:

emerge -a void-sources-bin


If you find any issues, such as repackaged software being out of date, you can either open an issue or join the IRC channel and hit up the maintainer of the package. We reside on in #scriptkitties.


In order to ensure the quality of our overlay, we require a certain way to work in order to get your ebuilds accepted.

  • Fork the overlay

  • Add/update/remove the ebuilds you want

  • Run repoman to ensure it meets the Gentoo quality standards

  • If required, fix all issues reported by repoman

  • Create a commit using repoman ci

  • Describe what you changed, in imperative form

  • Make sure the first line of the message is no more than 79 characters

  • Additional comments may be provided in the body of the commit message

  • Open a PR on the upstream overlay repository

The PR will be checked using travis to make sure repoman has no further complaints on the overlay. Once the checks have passed, one of our maintainers will merge the commit for you. If it takes too long, drop by on IRC and ask for someone to look at it.


There are some requirements your ebuild should adhere to in order to be considered for our overlay.

  • Your commits have to be signed.

  • The software installed by the ebuild must be released under a free license (any license in @FREE).


The scriptkitties Portage overlay for Gentoo, and Gentoo-like, systems.







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