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This is a very simple sample application that uses the dweetio connector. It is composed of a single decision table ( script.

The decision table receives a numeric value that corresponds to a pressure that was applied on a "smart" door lock (the device). Based on the value of the measured pressure and optionally the number of times a pressure was applied on the loc, the decision table determines if this corresponds to a intrusion attempt or not.

The decision table was modified by adding code to its pre-script and post-script sections:

  • The pre-script increments a counter by 1 everytime a pressure measure is received within 5 seconds. If the elapsed time between two measured pressures is higher than 5 seconds, the pre-script section resets the counter to 1.
if (!storage.local.pressure){ // initialize if this is the first time the script is invoked
}else {
  // if detected pressure occurred less than 5 seconds before the first event, increment counter
  var now = new Date().getTime();  
  if (now - storage.local.pressure.time < 5000) {
    storage.local.pressure.count = storage.local.pressure.count + 1;
  }else {
    // if pressure was detected more than 5 seconds after first event, re-initialize
... // more
  • The post-script section evaluates the "decision" taken by the decision table. If "decision.intrusion" is true, it dweets a new message on behalf of the "main_entrance_door" device towards all other devices.
//Variable "decision" is the object returned by the decision table execution.
//Variable "decision" format is [{"action1": "value1", "action2":  "value2"}].
if (decision.intrusion) {
  var dweetio = require("dweet");
  var dweeter = new dweetio.Dweet("main_entrance_door");
return decision;