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About Kinoma Create

Kinoma Create is a device for fast-prototyping IoT solutions in JavaScript. The companions Kinoma Studio IDE and the underlying development kit, simplify the implementation of IoT applications on the device side.

Purpose of the client

The purpose of this simple client is to shield Kinoma Create developers from having to implement the calls to by themselves. Rather, they can directly create instances of the Scriptr class and invoke their send() method.


This folder is structured as a Kinoma project in order to make it simple to import to Kinoma Studio.

/scriptrioclient/src/scriptrio.js : the actual client (Kinoma JavaScript module).

How to use

Checkout the "scriptrioclient" folder as a new "Library project" in Kinoma Studio or just check-out the scriptrio.js file directly into your Kinoma "Application project".

Use the client

Require the scritrio module into your application

var Scriptr = require("scriptrio");

Create an instance of the Scriptr class, passing a scrtiprio auth token or anonymous token

note that calls made using an anonymous token can only target anonymous scripts on

var scriptr = new Scriptr("YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN");

Prepare two callback methods, one to handle successful calls to, the other for handling errors

function onSuccess(response) {
	trace("success: " + JSON.stringify(response));

function onFailure(response) {
	trace("failure: " + JSON.stringify(response));

Prepare the parameters of your call

var dto = {
	apiName: "testscripst", // the name of the script to invoke on
	onSuccess: onSuccess,  
	onFailure: onFailure,
	method: "POST", // optionally specify the HTTP verb to use
	params: {param1:1234} // optionally, provide parameters

Issue the request by invoking the send() method of the Scriptr instance


** Note: keep watching this folder as new features (e.g. web socket support) will be added soon **