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Action Pack for Database management systems


  • Open SQL Connection with SimplySQL
  • Close connection with SimplySQL
  • Invoke SQL, update, scalar queries with SimplySQL
  • Get SQL instance with SQLServer
  • Get SQL database with SQLServer


  • Get all connections with SimplySQL
  • Get specified columns from the specified table with SimplySQL
  • Get ScriptRunner-Reports from the ScriptRunner database with SimplySQL
  • Get databases with SQL Server
  • Get instance roles or database roles with SQL Server
  • Get agent jobs or agent job schedules with SQL Server
  • Get Login objects with SQL Server


  • Get error statistic, runtime report, usage report, reports from ScriptRunner database with SimplySQL


  • Open SQL Connection
  • Get/close connections
  • Invoke SQL, update, scalar queries

SQL Server

  • Get, start, stop SQL instance
  • Configure authentication mode of SQL instance
  • Add, get, remove SQL instance role members
  • Add, get, remove SQL login
  • Get, set, test SQL Smart Admin object
  • Get, backup, restore database
  • Backup, restore Analysis Service database
  • Add, get, remove SQL database role members
  • Read, write table data
  • Read view data
  • Invoke run a script supported by the SQL Server SQLCMD utility
  • Add, get, set, remove SQL credential
  • Add, get, remove SQL role members
  • Get backup history
  • Get, set error log
  • Get, agent, agent schedule
  • Get, agent job, agent job step, agent job schedule, agent job history
  • Add, remove firewall rule
  • Add, get, remove column master key
  • Add, get, remove column encryption key
  • Enable, disable the Always On availability groups feature
  • Encrypt, decrypt, or re-encrypt specified columns in the database
  • Generate In-Memory OLTP Migration Checklist


  • Generate report with databases, database roles, instance roles, agent jobs
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