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VMs Change notes Oct 2, 2019

Action Pack for Microsoft Hyper-V

Use cases for managing the Hyper-V virtualization platform

Note: The use of the scripts requires the PowerShell Module Hyper-V.


  • Get/set MACAddress range of the Hyper-V host
  • Get network adapter or list of all network adapters
  • Get virtual switch or list of all virtual switches
  • New virtual switch
  • Enable/disable migration
  • Get/set properties of the Hyper-V host
  • Configure migration and replication
  • Configure advanced session mode


  • Set the snapshot configuration
  • Get properties of a virtual machine snapshot
  • Create, rename, restore, remove a virtual machine snapshot
  • Export a virtual machine snapshot
  • List of snapshots associated with a virtual machine

Virtual machines

  • Create/remove a virtual machine
  • Get/set properties of a virtual machine
  • Get/set BIOS or firmware of a virtual machine
  • Start, stop, suspend, resume, restart, save, turn off a virtual machine
  • Measure, enable, disable, reset resource utilization data for a virtual machine
  • Set automatic start, stop and critical error
  • Add, remove, get, set DVD drive of a virtual machine
  • Set memory, vhd size, processor count of a virtual machine
  • Set integration services of a virtual machine
  • Get/set video settings of a virtual machine
  • Get/set com ports of a virtual machine
  • Set virtual switch of a virtual machine
  • Get/set floppy disk drive of a virtual machine
  • Export/import a virtual machine
  • List of virtual machines

PS Direct

  • Enter a virtual machine and retrieve the computer name


  • Get virtual machines
  • Get drives, network adapters, VLan or snapshots from virtual machine


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