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Action Pack for Windows File Server and Windows Storage Management

Use cases for managing file servers, file & folder access rights, reports and more.
Also managing storages, disks, partitions and volumes

Manage Disks

  • Get drive capacities
  • Get, clear, initialize disk
  • Get, set, format, repair, optimize volume
  • Get, set, create, resize, remove partition
  • Get, set storage setting

Manage Folder and files

  • Get/set permissions on a folder or file
  • Add/rename/move/remove an folder
  • Test path exists
  • List of folders or files
  • List with number and sizes of folders or files

Manage Shares

  • Add/copy/remove a share
  • Get/set properties of a share
  • Set/remove permissions on a share
  • List of shares
  • List of share sizes
  • List of share permissions


  • Search a list of objects
  • Search the names, numbers unique ids from disks
  • Search drive letters
  • Search partition numbers
  • Search the shares on the computer
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