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Action Pack for Windows Print Management

Use cases for managing print servers, printers, printer drivers, printer ports and print jobs

Note: The use of the scripts requires the PowerShell Module PrintManagement. Windows Server 2012 introduced the Print Management Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell, which is also available on Windows 8 if you install the Remote Server Administration Tools.

Manage Printer drivers

  • Add/remove printer driver
  • Get properties of the printer driver
  • Export/import printer drivers
  • List of installed printer drivers

Manage Printer ports

  • Add/remove printer port
  • Get properties of the printer port
  • List of available printer ports

Manage Printers

  • Create/rename/remove printer
  • Set properties of an printer
  • Get/set configuration of an printer
  • Get/set/remove permissions of an printer
  • Export/import printers
  • Initialize print a test page
  • List of local printers
  • List of printer status/errors
  • List of all printers status/errors

Manage Print jobs

  • Resume/suspend/restart print job
  • Remove print job
  • List of print jobs


  • Search printer on a computer
  • Search print jobs for a printer optionally with a specific status


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