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Ultimate Bitmap Font Generator
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Ultimate Bitmap Font Generator

Ultimate bitmap font generator - useful tool to create compact font textures for games

If you know Russian - welcome:

Feature list:

  • multiple fonts may be packed into one texture
  • extremely effective packing algorithm + subcharacters merging
  • optimizied not only for English: generate Russian, Japanese, Chinese fonts
  • easy-to-create characters list from text
  • distance fields for easy OpenGL scalable fonts
  • exporting kerning pairs
  • free and open-source project

UBFG can export font into XML format (image in base64 format also stored in XML) or into it's own .fnt format, - ready to use with Cheetah 2D engine. XML format is self-described, .fnt format uses following spec.

UBFG generates two files: font.png and font.fnt.

  • font.png is an image, that represents your font texture. You must load it as texture.
  • font.fnt is a text file, that contains information about all chars on font.png.

This information looks like:

Arial 9pt -- font name and size
Char  X pos   Y pos   Width   Height   Xoffset  Yoffset  Orig W   Orig H
32    0       0       0       0        3        14       3        14
97    90      36      5       7        1        4        7        14
98    0       41      5       9        1        2        7        14
kerning pairs:
32 97 -1
32 98 -0.5


  • Char - UNICODE number of your char (codepage varies and may be specified before export). For example, 32 is a 'space'
  • X pos - x position of glyph on texture
  • Y pos - y position of glyph on texture
  • Width - width of glyph on texture (glyphs are cropped and Width and Orig Width aren't equal)
  • Height - height of glyph on texture
  • Xoffset - distance on the x-axis, on which glyph must be shifted
  • Yoffset - distance on the y-axis, on which glyph must be shifted
  • Orig W - original width of glyph
  • Orig H - original height of glyph

Also fnt format may have kerning pairs: a set of kerning pairs listed after phrase "kerning pairs:". First number if a first character in pair, second number - second character in pair, third number - kerning value. Note: this value may be with floating point if you use distance fields.

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