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ftpBNC can either operate with a normal text file based config, or an embedded encrypted config.

On ubuntu this is needed -> apt install build-essential

  • Normal text file config:

    1. Compile the bouncer by running 'make'.
    2. Edit ftpBNC.conf to suit your needs.
    3. Run the bouncer './ftpBNC ftpBNC.conf'.
    4. Added entry to crontab to start at boot:

    @reboot /home/user/ftpBNC/ftpBNC /home/user/ftpBNC/ftpBNC.conf >/dev/null

  • Embedded encrypted config:

    1. Compile and run the conf editor tool by running 'make conf'.
    2. Compile the bouncer by running 'make'.
    3. Run the bouncer './ftpBNC' (not ftpBNC.conf argument).

    Note: Crontab is unsupported with encrypted config.

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