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A quick overview of SCRML:

SCRML is a markup language for stating interesting and abstract mathematics. SCRML (Self-Contained Resources Markup Language) is based on GRML (Rigorous Mathematics Language with Graphs), and GRML is described in the pdf. GRML is itself abstract mathematics and SCRML is a concrete implementation of GRML using XML. The goal of SCRML is to provide a medium for other (future) applications to communicate mathematical content. This allows the development of teaching tools, machine learning tools, mathematical meta-analyzers, etc. using one common mathematical content language. None of these projects is part of SCRML, but SCRML is intended to be the medium through which they can communicate the actual mathematics. SCRML is merely a static markup language which can handle abstract mathematical concepts.

About this repository:

This repository is the home site of SCRML. Eventually this site will introduce SCRML/GRML, host a compiler, and provide examples for how the language works. This site will introduce abstract mathematics first, in natural language, so that users can understand the goal of SCRML, then it will introduce SCRML. There will be some tutorials for different components of SCRML.

One main purpose of this website will be the SCRML interface application. There will eventually be one page, offline capable, providing tools for a user to read and write SCRML repositories. The SCRML documents themselves can be saved to browser storage or uploaded/downloaded from native storage. This site will not be an online repository of SCRML documents, that is left for another project. The tools in this application are designed to be functional, proof-of-concept devices and the opportunity is left open for better, more user-friendly and online-integrated systems to be developed elsewhere.

SCRML is designed to be highly self-contained and should not need to be altered to be capable of making exciting mathematical statements which are natural and easy to read and write, but it would be foolish to claim that the language will never need modification. Moreover there may be as-of-yet unforseen applications of SCRML which necessitate some further standardized interpretation sceme. This site serves as the home of the SCRML organization, the official body maintaining the standards of SCRML (once the site is complete, of course).


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