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Highlghter is a jQuery plugin for allowing users to highlight portions of a page.  You define what section can be highlighted by calling the plugin on that section $("#wrapper").highlighter();

The script expects each highlightable element to have a unique URI attribute (likely on the P or LI elements). This is used as metadata for saving the highlight.  The script tracks the start and ending words that the highlight covers.  This is per paragraph (or other wrapping element).

autoUpdate: false, // apparently not used
paragraphs: "p,li", // selector to identify elements that are paragraphs
highlightClass:"howdy", // class to show while highlighting
highlightClasses:"hl-color-blue hl-color-yellow hl-color-green hl-color-pink", // available highiter classes
chunkClass:"chunk", // class that is applied to each chunk/word
dontSelect:"notme", // class that is put on elements that should not be allowed to be selected (sup/sub elements etc)
distance:10, // how far the user has to move the mouse to start the highlight, prevents simple clicks from starting a highlight
controls:"#controls li a",

start - start drag of new highlight
selecting - fired for each new "chunk" you mouse over
stop - stop drag of new highlight
handleMouseDown - 

loadHighlighs - Expects a JSON object as defined below
getHighlights - Will return a list of all current highlights in the defined section in a JSON object as defined below
turnOff - turns off availablity to highlight
turnOn - turns it on
isOn - ask if it is on

##JSON structure to be sent and received
	// a single element highlight
			"uri":"para0", // unqiue ID for starting element
			"offsetStart":18, // word count of first word of highlight, 0 based or -1 for goes beyond first word (to previous element)
			"offsetEnd":29 // word count of the last word of highlight, 0 based or -1 for goes beyond last word (to next element)
	// a multiple element highlight
		"id": "hl-id-75439793",
		"paras": [{
			"style": "hl-color-blue",
			"uri": "para1",
			"offsetStart": -1,
			"offsetEnd": 5
			"style": "hl-color-blue",
			"uri": "para0",
			"offsetStart": 71,
			"offsetEnd": -1