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/*Copyright (c) 2010, Zachary Schneirov. All rights reserved.
This file is part of Notational Velocity.
Notational Velocity is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Notational Velocity is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Notational Velocity. If not, see <>. */
#import "EncodingsManager.h"
#import "NoteObject.h"
#import "NotationFileManager.h"
#import "NSData_transformations.h"
#import "NSString_NV.h"
@implementation EncodingsManager
static const NSStringEncoding AllowedEncodings[] = {
/* Western */
NSISOLatin1StringEncoding, // ISO Latin 1
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000203, // ISO Latin 3
(NSStringEncoding) 0x8000020F, // ISO Latin 9
NSMacOSRomanStringEncoding, // Mac
NSWindowsCP1252StringEncoding, // Windows
/* Baltic */
(NSStringEncoding) -1,
(NSStringEncoding) 0x8000020D, // ISO Latin 7
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000507, // Windows
/* Central European */
(NSStringEncoding) -1,
NSISOLatin2StringEncoding, // ISO Latin 2
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000204, // ISO Latin 4
(NSStringEncoding) 0x8000001D, // Mac
NSWindowsCP1250StringEncoding, // Windows
/* Cyrillic */
(NSStringEncoding) -1,
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000A02, // KOI8-R
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000205, // ISO Latin 5
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000007, // Mac
NSWindowsCP1251StringEncoding, // Windows
/* Japanese */
(NSStringEncoding) -1, // Divider
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000A01, // ShiftJIS
NSISO2022JPStringEncoding, // ISO-2022-JP
NSJapaneseEUCStringEncoding, // EUC
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000001, // Mac
NSShiftJISStringEncoding, // Windows
/* Simplified Chinese */
(NSStringEncoding) -1, // Divider
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000632, // GB 18030
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000631, // GBK
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000930, // EUC
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000019, // Mac
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000421, // Windows
/* Traditional Chinese */
(NSStringEncoding) -1, // Divider
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000A03, // Big5
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000A06, // Big5 HKSCS
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000931, // EUC
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000002, // Mac
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000423, // Windows
/* Korean */
(NSStringEncoding) -1, // Divider
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000940, // EUC
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000003, // Mac
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000422, // Windows
/* Hebrew */
(NSStringEncoding) -1, // Divider
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000208, // ISO-8859-8
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000005, // Mac
(NSStringEncoding) 0x80000505, // Windows
/* End */ 0 };
+ (EncodingsManager *)sharedManager {
static EncodingsManager *man = nil;
if (!man)
man = [[EncodingsManager alloc] init];
return man;
- (BOOL)checkUnicode {
if (NSUnicodeStringEncoding == currentEncoding || NSUTF8StringEncoding == currentEncoding) {
NSString * alertTitleString = NSLocalizedString(@"quotemark%@quotemark is a Unicode file and not directly interpretable using plain text encodings.",
@"alert title when converting from unicode");
if (NSRunAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:alertTitleString, filenameOfNote(note)],
NSLocalizedString(@"If you wish to convert it, you must open and re-save the file in an external editor.", "alert description when converting from unicode"),
NSLocalizedString(@"OK", nil), NSLocalizedString(@"Open in TextEdit", @"title of button for opening the current note in text edit"), NULL) != NSAlertDefaultReturn) {
NSString *textEditPath = [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] absolutePathForAppBundleWithIdentifier:@""];
if (textEditPath) {
NSString *resolvedPath = [note noteFilePath];
if (!resolvedPath) {
NSRunAlertPanel(NSLocalizedString(@"Could not locate the note file.", nil), NSLocalizedString(@"Does it still exist?", nil),
NSLocalizedString(@"I'll Go See", @"... if it exists"), NULL, NULL);
} else {
[[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openFile:resolvedPath withApplication:textEditPath];
} else {
NSRunAlertPanel(NSLocalizedString(@"Could not find the application TextEdit.", nil), NSLocalizedString(@"You may need to re-run the Mac OS X installer.",nil), NSLocalizedString(@"OK", nil), NULL, NULL);
return YES;
return NO;
- (void)showPanelForNote:(NoteObject*)aNote {
currentEncoding = fileEncodingOfNote(aNote);
[note release];
note = [aNote retain];
bzero(&fsRef, sizeof(FSRef));
[noteData release];
if (!(noteData = [[[note delegate] dataFromFileInNotesDirectory:&fsRef forFilename:filenameOfNote(note)] retain])) {
NSRunAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Error: unable to read the contents of the file quotemark%@.quotemark",nil), filenameOfNote(aNote)],
NSLocalizedString(@"The file may no longer exist or has incorrect permissions.",nil), NSLocalizedString(@"OK",nil), NULL, NULL);
if (![self checkUnicode]) {
if (!window) {
if (![NSBundle loadNibNamed:@"EncodingsManager" owner:self]) {
NSLog(@"Failed to load EncodingsManager.nib");
[helpStringField setStringValue:[NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Notational Velocity should assume the file quotemark%@quotemark was saved with the encoding:",nil), filenameOfNote(note)]];
[encodingsPopUpButton setMenu:[self textConversionsMenu]];
//setup panel for given note
if ([self tryToUpdateTextForEncoding:currentEncoding]) {
[NSApp beginSheet:window modalForWindow:[[NSApp delegate] window] modalDelegate:self
didEndSelector:@selector(sheetDidEnd:returnCode:contextInfo:) contextInfo:NULL];
} else {
//this shouldn't happen
- (void)sheetDidEnd:(NSWindow *)sheet returnCode:(int)returnCode contextInfo:(void *)contextInfo {
[note release];
note = nil;
- (NSMenu*)textConversionsMenu {
NSMenu *menu = [[[NSMenu alloc] initWithTitle:@""] autorelease];
NSMenuItem *menuItem = nil;
unsigned int i = 0;
for (i = 0; AllowedEncodings[i]; i++) {
NSStringEncoding thisEncoding = AllowedEncodings[i];
if (thisEncoding == (NSStringEncoding) -1) {
[menu addItem:[NSMenuItem separatorItem]];
menuItem = [[[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle:[NSString localizedNameOfStringEncoding:thisEncoding]
action:@selector(setFileEncodingFromMenu:) keyEquivalent:@""] autorelease];
if (currentEncoding == thisEncoding)
[menuItem setState:NSOnState];
NSString *noteString = (NSString*)CFStringCreateFromExternalRepresentation(kCFAllocatorDefault, (CFDataRef)noteData,
//make sure that the conversion works both ways
[menuItem setEnabled:(noteString != nil && [noteString canBeConvertedToEncoding:thisEncoding])];
[noteString release];
[menuItem setTag:(int)thisEncoding];
[menuItem setTarget:self];
[menu addItem:menuItem];
[menu setAutoenablesItems:NO];
return menu;
- (void)setFileEncodingFromMenu:(id)sender {
if ([sender isKindOfClass:[NSMenuItem class]]) {
NSStringEncoding newEncoding = (unsigned)[sender tag];
//preview conversion in text view
if (![self tryToUpdateTextForEncoding:newEncoding]) {
//set it back to the current encoding--this one doesn't work
[encodingsPopUpButton selectItemWithTag:(int)currentEncoding];
} else {
NSLog(@"Unknown class sent msg to change encoding: %@", [sender description]);
- (BOOL)tryToUpdateTextForEncoding:(NSStringEncoding)encoding {
NSString *stringFromData = (NSString*)CFStringCreateFromExternalRepresentation(kCFAllocatorDefault, (CFDataRef)noteData, CFStringConvertNSStringEncodingToEncoding(encoding));
if (stringFromData) {
NSAttributedString *attributedStringFromData = [[NSAttributedString alloc] initWithString:stringFromData];
NSTextStorage *storage = [textView textStorage];
[storage setAttributedString:attributedStringFromData];
[stringFromData release];
[attributedStringFromData release];
currentEncoding = encoding;
[encodingsPopUpButton selectItemWithTag:(int)currentEncoding];
return YES;
} else {
NSRunAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ is not a valid encoding for this text file.",
[NSString localizedNameOfStringEncoding:encoding]], NSLocalizedString(@"Please try another encoding.", @"prompt for choosing an incompatible text encoding"),
NSLocalizedString(@"OK",nil), NULL, NULL);
return NO;
- (IBAction)cancelAction:(id)sender {
[NSApp endSheet:window returnCode:0];
[window close];
- (IBAction)chooseEncoding:(id)sender {
- (BOOL)shouldUpdateNoteFromDisk {
FSCatalogInfo info;
OSStatus err = noErr;
if ((err = [[note delegate] fileInNotesDirectory:&fsRef isOwnedByUs:NULL hasCatalogInfo:&info]) != noErr) {
NSRunAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Error: the modification date of the file quotemark%@quotemark could not be determined because %@",nil),
filenameOfNote(note), [NSString reasonStringFromCarbonFSError:err]], NSLocalizedString(@"The file may no longer exist or has incorrect permissions.",nil),
NSLocalizedString(@"OK",nil), NULL, NULL);
return NO;
UTCDateTime fileModifiedDate = fileModifiedDateOfNote(note);
CFAbsoluteTime timeOnDisk, lastTime;
if ((err = (UCConvertUTCDateTimeToCFAbsoluteTime(&fileModifiedDate, &lastTime) == noErr)) &&
(err = (UCConvertUTCDateTimeToCFAbsoluteTime(&info.contentModDate, &timeOnDisk) == noErr))) {
if (lastTime > timeOnDisk) {
int result = NSRunCriticalAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"The note quotemark%@quotemark is newer than its file on disk.",nil), titleOfNote(note)],
NSLocalizedString(@"If you update this note with re-interpreted data from the file, you may overwrite your changes.",nil),
NSLocalizedString(@"Don't Update", @"don't update the note from its file on disk"),
NSLocalizedString(@"Overwrite Note", @"...from file on disk"), NULL);
if (result == NSAlertDefaultReturn) {
NSLog(@"not updating");
return NO;
} else {
NSLog(@"user wants to update");
} else {
NSRunAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Error: the modification date of the file quotemark%@quotemark could not be compared because %@",nil),
filenameOfNote(note), [NSString reasonStringFromCarbonFSError:err]], NSLocalizedString(@"This may be due to an error in the program or operating system.",nil),
NSLocalizedString(@"OK",nil), NULL, NULL);
return NO;
return YES;
- (IBAction)okAction:(id)sender {
//check whether file mod. date of note is older than mod. date on disk
if ([self shouldUpdateNoteFromDisk]) {
[note setFileEncodingAndReinterpret:currentEncoding];
[[NSApp delegate] contentsUpdatedForNote:note];
[NSApp endSheet:window returnCode:1];
[window close];