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I love the way searching and creating notes has been combined. I can simply start writing and then hit Enter to create a note. It feels unintuitive, however, to have that title that I just typed be separate from the body of the note that I want to continue typing. What I love about this app is that it combines like features, which streamlines the experience, but the separation of title and note interrupts this experience. This is especially true since I am already hitting Enter to create the note. It would make sense to have Enter create a new note with the first line being the title that was typed into the search bar and then have the cursor start on the second line right below the title. I think this is a wonderfully intuitive app, but I humbly suggest that importing this feature from Simplenote (as an option perhaps?) would only increase it's effectiveness. Many thanks


When notes are saved as external text files, wouldn't the titles have to be stored both as file names and on the first lines? When you import notes, should the file names be inserted on the first lines? How would everyone's existing notes be converted to that format? What about Markdown notes? Or working together with other apps that don't support that format?

Justnotes does keep the titles on the first lines but it also doesn't work as well with external files as Notational Velocity.


I wouldn't say titles would have to be saved in the body as well as in a file's actual title. When I sync with Siplenote, Notational Velocity already figures out how to remove the first line of all my notes and make that the title so I'd think doing that in reverse wouldn't be a problem. I don't think Notational Velocity should do away with titles in the list of notes on the left either, I simply think it is more intuitive (after getting used to) to have the title be in the body of the note where it can more easily be seen and edited. I use Simplenote to sync all my notes across devices and I have found that the Simplenote app on my iPhone simply has a streamlined way of dealing with titles that seems to fit with Notational Velocity's goals. If you login to the Simplenote website you can get a good idea of how it behaves.


bak commented Jun 6, 2012

I don't think I understand the problem. You just don't like that NV displays the title in a separate field from the body? You say that once you enter a title you want to keep typing the body—that's actually how NV works. You type a title, hit enter, and type the body. Later, you type a title (or partial title), hit enter, and keep typing the body.


I don't think the way Notational Velocity works at the moment (type title, hit enter, type body...) should be changed. I love the way Notational Velocity works, but I wish the title was included in the body because (just like an essay in Word, etc.) it's nice to see the title at the top of the note/document you're working on and it is so much easier to edit if it is. The only thing I'd change about Notational Velocity is that when a new note is created it wouldn't be called "Untitled Note," instead the title would be blank and Notational Velocity would fill it in as you wrote out the first line.


I second Zoraster9's idea. The search field is a key component of Notational Velocity, and I am not suggesting that we remove it. However, at the moment, the search field functions both as a text field for searching for notes (titles, tags, and contents), and as a field for displaying the selected note's title. I think Zoraster9 is suggesting that we make a smaller text field above the note's content specifically dedicated to the note's title (and may we have tags there as well?).

I also want to add that the search field's second function doesn't seem to make sense. We should have a dedicated field for the note's title so the search field only have to serve one role.

P.S. Zoraster9, it's "Notational Velocity", not "National Velocity". :-)

bak commented Jun 7, 2012

@precocity the dual-nature of that field is "Modeless Operation," core to the philosophy of NV. http://notational.net


Thanks for catching that precocity. That was my typing dislexia acting up.

I like the idea of having a tag field up top, but my main point was not to change the way the search/create field behaved, but to also include the title within the note. I was not suggesting a separate field above the note, but actually just the first line of text within the note itself. Just like you are used to giving Word documents titles within the document itself, titles within the note makes intuitive sense to me.

Modeless Operation was actually what got me thinking about why Notational Velocity was removing the first lines (titles) of all my notes synced from Simplenote. I realized that I was having a harder time editing the titles of my notes and also having a harder time just seeing which note I was on. Modeless Operation makes searching "not a separate action," but in my humble opinion, titles should get the same treatment.


After the launch of Mountain Lion recently I've been playing around with the stock OSX and iOS Notes app and have found that it also behaves in this way. The title of a new note created in the Notes app is simply the first line of text within the note. This seems like this is the more intuitive and accepted method.


I do not have any particular problem with having title in notes body or having them not as long as the notes .txt files do not get duplicated in notes folder, which is happening. I guess the trouble is because I am using Epistle on Android, NV on Mac and Resoph on Windows and the last two syncing to both SimpleNote and Dropbox because I need them on epistle too.

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